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Land for sale

Development Site - Consented for Childcare!

Development Opportunity - Lease in Place! This is an opportunity to purchase a development site which is already consented for the construction of a preschool. The consent application proposes to create a preschool accommodating a maximum of 50 children. The childcare centre is to consist of ten under 2 year old and forty over 2 year old children. The existing two storey building and attached accessory building on the site that was previously used as a healthcare facility, is to be removed. All fencing within the site’s internal and road boundaries are proposed to be removed and a new building will be placed on site to facilitate the proposed preschool activity. The proposed building for the childcare facility has a ground floor area of 215sqm and a second floor area of 110sqm. The ground floor areas consists of play areas, toilets, nap rooms, a kitchen and foyer. The under 2 year olds will be located within the north eastern part of the ground floor, while the over 2’s occupy the remaining play areas. The outdoor play areas in total will be 256sqm and are located within the eastern area of the site. The outdoor areas include a covered deck of 17.30sqm for the under 2 year olds' room while a total of 25.8sqm of decking (covered and uncovered) will be located adjacent to the over 2 year olds' area. Two metre high smart-wall fencing is proposed along the internal boundaries of the site. The second floor of the proposed building is to consist of offices, reception, staff room, laundry and toilets. The applicant has commented that the second floor will be only available to staff and visitors. The application also includes earthworks to remove the existing asphalt at the rear of the site and to resurface the existing asphalt at the front of the site (where car parking is proposed). An earthwork volume of 41 cubic metres is proposed outside of the building footprint. Call Merv Davies today for more information.

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